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Change in Taste of Water?

     The City of Winfield will be going to Free Chlorine beginning on Monday, July 26th. This can result in change of taste and smell of the water. The water will remain safe and usable for all applications. If you have any questions please contact us at the RWD5 office, or see the additional information below.
     We purchase our water from the City of Winfield. Every year about this time the City of Winfield will begin treating the water with free chlorine. Due to the size and complexity of the distribution system, some water may remain in the lines 10 to 14 days before it is used. During this time combined chlorine residuals may decline. A free chlorine residual will remain in the water for longer periods of time without the need to flush our water lines. This is a temporary treatment change and should only last 6 to 7 weeks. Once the water temperature decreases and all chlorine demands are met, a combined chlorine residual will remain in the water for longer periods of time and we can return to the normal treatment process. This process is to ensure that adequate disinfection residual remains in the distribution system through the winter months when line flushing has stopped.
     During this process you may experience a slight change in the taste and odor of the water; however, the water remains safe for drinking and all other purposes. This annual process is usual and customary.
     Your RWD5 water operators monitor the water and take daily water samples for testing around the district and are very focused on providing the RWD5 members, family and community with clean and safe water.
     The Kansas Department of Health and Environment has been notified and approves of this disinfection maintenance process.