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City of Winfield Chlorine Changes

Beginning later this month, the City of Winfield will be changing their disinfection routine for about a month or so.  You may detect a mild chlorine smell or taste in your water, but it should be minimal.  This is a routine procedure and is done every year as part of the disinfection process for water systems. 

This line maintenance process is known as denitrification.  Normally, the City of Winfield uses chloramines to disinfect the water; however, prolonged utilization of chloramines can result in nitrification, which can have an adverse effect on the safety of the water.  Periodically treating with free chlorine prevents nitrification from occurring. 

During this process, the water will remain safe for drinking and all other purposes.  The City of Winfield will continue to use free chlorine until tests indicate that the entire distribution system has been properly treated. 

The Kansas Department of Health and Environment has been notified and approves of this disinfection maintenance process.